TransGear Airways FSWeekend #1 -- Saturday and Sunday, November 6-7th, 2010
last updated Tuesday, November 9th, 2010 @ 17:04 UTC, by Yourgod TransGear Airways FSWeekend event #1!

Time: Saturday and Sunday November 6-7th at 13:00 UTC.

Gijs approached Lukosius, Redneck, and I with an interesting idea that just seemed like a good thing to do. His idea was for TransGear to host an event both days during the Flight Simulator Weekend event which is being held at aerodrome museum Aviodrome at Lelystad Airport in the Netherlands. This is the world's largest Flight Sim convention.

The TGA events will happen both days at 1300 UTC, and are single hub events centered on EHAM, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

Gijs chose the spoke airports for this event.

The guys hosting the FlightGear booth at FSWeekend will use this TGA event to demonstrate the capabilities of FlightGear by showing a busy airport handling live arrivals and departures under ATC control.

The idea is pretty straight forward. You sign up for the single hub route on the transgear website. You'll choose a starting airport, and a destination airport.

On Saturday, you will fly the route you chose.
On Sunday, you will fly the same route backwards.

In other words, if you choose to start at EDDF, and end at LFPG, then on Saturday you will fly EDDF -> EHAM -> LFPG.

On Sunday you will fly LFPG -> EHAM -> EDDF.

This way you only have to register a single route to cover both days.

As always, we accept and encourage a wide range of general aviation and commercial airplanes. You will find the approved planes at the start of the registration process.

Also note that in many locations this particular weekend is when Daylight Savings Time ends, so while it's at the same time UTC, it will be at different local times if your DST ends that weekend.

I'm excited to be involved in this, and I hope you guys are excited as well. This is a great opportunity to show off FlightGear!

TGA Callsign Handle Aircraft HUB #1 EHAM
Depart @ Time Arrive/Depart Arrive @ Time
TGA0007yourgodCessna 550B Citation BravoLFPG @ 12:2913:00/13:15LIME @ 14:21
TGA0008JesterAerospatiale-BAC Concorde SSTLFPG @ 12:5513:05/13:20EGLL @ 13:29
TGA0009B-BIRDBoeing 777-200ERLFPG @ 13:0713:10/13:25EGLL @ 13:49
TGA0010trozanovBombardier CRJ-200EDDF @ 12:4913:15/13:30LFPG @ 13:58
TGA0011YakkoLockheed 1049H Super ConstellationEDDF @ 12:4013:20/13:35EGKK @ 14:14
TGA0012speedbirAerospatiale-BAC Concorde SSTEGKK @ 13:1613:25/13:40LIML @ 14:02
TGA0013jomoAerospatiale-BAC Concorde SSTEPWA @ 13:0013:30/13:45LIML @ 14:07
TGA0014A.N.Beechcraft B1900DEHRD @ 13:3013:35/13:50EDDF @ 14:35
TGA0015A.N.Beechcraft B1900DEGLL @ 12:5513:40/13:55EDDF @ 14:40
TGA0016D-79Lockheed 1049H Super ConstellationEHLE @ 13:4013:45/14:00EHLE @ 14:05

ATC: Video:
Courtesy of Redneck
Saturday Part 1
Saturday Part 2

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