TransGear Airways #9 -- Saturday, April 10th, 2010
last updated Thursday, May 9th, 2010 @ 20:05 UTC

Flight Schedule / Pilot Assignments

Flight# Link(s) Pilot / Equipment Leg #1 Leg #2 Leg #3
Origin Departure Time Arrival Time Hub-A Departure Time Arrival Time Hub-B Departure Time Arrival Time Destination
1280 (1)(2) yourgod / 777-200ER KBOS 1300 1520 KIND 1535 1701 KATL 1716 1813 KCLT
1135 (1)(2) Lukosius / 787 - - - KATL 1535 1701 KIND 1716 1806 KORD
1190 (1)(2)(3) Andreas / TU154B KMIA 1322 1511 KATL 1526 1652 KIND 1707 1836 KMCI
1220 (1)(2) Tuxklok / TU154B KBWI 1334 1511 KIND 1526 1653 KATL 1708 1830 KMCO
1120 (1) MD-Terp / MD-81 KMCO 1343 1505 KATL 1520 1646 KIND 1701 1839 KBWI
1165 (1) Jester / concorde - - - KATL 1511 1637 KIND 1652 1851 KJFK
1270 (1)(2) Yakko / L1049H KPIT 1348 1459 KIND 1514 1640 KATL 1655 1857 KIAH
1180 (1)(2) Mattt / 787 KCLT 1356 1453 KATL 1508 1634 KIND 1649 1909 KBOS
1231 (1) Gijs / 747-400 KORD 1403 1453 KIND - - - - - -
(NOTE: a recent crash of the Flight Tracker website seems to have wiped out data for this event. If the links to the flight information no longer work, I apologize. -R.)

Air Traffic Controller Assignments

Hartsfield - Jackson Atlanta International Airport (KATL) Indianapolis International Airport (KIND)
Position Frequency Times Staffed By Position Frequency Times Staffed By
Approach / Departure
126.900 1415-1600 Farmboy Approach / Departure
127.150 1415-1600 jomo
1600-1745 1600-1745
Tower / Ground
119.100 1415-1600 wookierabbit Tower / Ground
127.820 1415-1600 -
1600-1745 redneck 1600-1745 wookierabbit

Videos / Screenshots

Farmboy (Atlanta Approach) took some video of the traffic around KATL, although he didn't capture the air traffic control audio (Part One, Part Two)... and likewise, redneck (Indianapolis Tower) captured a nice long video of the arrivals and departures at KIND with his Tower channel audio (which he posted in four parts) (Part One, Part Two, Part Three, & Part Four)... thanks to both of you!

Pre-dawn liftoff... (photo by Jester)

"Just aim for that bright orange thing..." (photo by Jester)

The first few blips start to appear... (photo by Farmboy)

... and then move... (photo by Farmboy)

... and then move some more... (photo by Jester)

... and yet more... (photo by Jester)

"We seem to have picked up an escort..." (photo by Jester)

"This is what I get for selecting a Top Gun reference as a nickname..." (photo by Jester)

Common destinations becoming evident... (photo by Farmboy)

Descending into Atlanta... (photo by Jester)

Concorde on final... (photo by Jester)

Leg one in the books... (photo by Jester)

787's second leg begins... (photo by Jester)

Meanwhile, in Indy... (photo by yourgod)

Lining up to head south... (photo by yourgod)

Tupolev takes the runway... (photo by yourgod)

"Big, bigger, biggest!..." (photo by yourgod)

Connie casts off... (photo by yourgod)

Connie casts off, part deux... (photo by Jester)

Stretching skyward... (photo by Jester)

Turning towards the north... (photo by Jester)

The event's second stage takes shape... (photo by Jester)

The column forms... (photo by Farmboy)

Passing in the skies... (photo by Jester)

Starting down towards Indy... (photo by Jester)

Concorde's cleared to land... (photo by Jester)

Leg two, check... (photo by Jester)

Indy's new dome defines the skyline... (photo by Jester)

View from the tower... (photo by Jester)

Watching MD flare his MD... (photo by Jester)

Made it down, safe and sound... (photo by Jester)

Concorde and Mad Dog taking a stretch break... (photo by Jester)

787 starts his roll... (photo by Jester)

... and his rotation... (photo by Jester)

Followed in short order by the MD-81... (photo by Jester)

Meanwhile, down south... (photo by yourgod)

Peeking in on Connie's final... (photo by yourgod)

Tupolev touches down... (photo by Jester)

787 arriving into Indy... (photo by Jester)

Seems like the Tupolev might need to back up a bit... (photo by Jester)

Meanwhile in Atlanta, Connie's break is over... (photo by yourgod)

... as is Triple-Seven's... (photo by yourgod)

... and up north, so is Concorde's... (photo by Jester)

Final leg underway... (photo by Jester)

Final stage... (photo by Jester)

Down for the count... (photo by yourgod)

Last men standing... (photo by Jester)

Captain commands gear down... (photo by Jester)

Kennedy comes into view... (photo by Jester)

Leg three... that's a wrap!... (photo by Jester)

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