TransGear Airways #8 -- Saturday, March 13th, 2010
last updated Wednesday, April 21st, 2010 @ 9:20 UTC

Flight Schedule -- "Casual" Divison

TransGear USA East Hub: Baltimore, MD (KBWI)
Approach / Departure (119.7): jomo
Tower / Ground (119.4): wookierabbit
Flight# Route Times Equipment Pilot
154 KORD-KBWI, KBWI-KORD 1345-1515, 1545-1715 MD-81 Simbabeat
150 KATL-KBWI, KBWI-KATL 1350-1515, 1545-1710 787 MrWizard
135 KDTW-KBWI, KBWI-KDTW 1415-1515, 1545-1645 777-200ER Yourgod
131 KCLT-KBWI, KBWI-KCLT 1420-1515, 1545-1640 TU154B Andreas
118 KPIT-KBWI, KBWI-KPIT 1435-1515, 1545-1625 MD-81 hovkid
115 KJFK-KBWI, KBWI-KJFK 1440-1515, 1545-1620 777-200ER ChocBoy

Flight Schedule -- "Procedural" Divison

TransGear USA West Hub: Salt Lake City, UT (KSLC)
Approach / Departure (124.3): SP-CEZ
Tower / Ground (118.3): redneck
Flight# Route Times Equipment Pilot
279 KMCI-KSLC(part1)(part2), KSLC-KMCI 1255-1515, 1545-1805 Concorde Jester
259 KSEA-KSLC, KSLC-KSEA 1315-1515, 1545-1745 MD-81 MD-Terp
251 KLAX-KSLC(part1)(part2), KSLC-KLAX 1320-1515, 1545-1740 MD-81 Farmboy
250 KOAK-KSLC, KSLC-KOAK 1320-1515, 1545-1740 777-200ER MyName
244 KPHX-KSLC, KSLC-KPHX 1345-1515, 1545-1715 777-200ER zakalawe
242 KABQ-KSLC, KSLC-KABQ 1350-1515, 1545-1710 TU154B Tuxklok

Videos / Screenshots

Hailing the midnight taxi... (photo by MyName)

Pre-dawn liftoff... (photo by MyName)

Beating the sun into the sky... (photo by MyName)

"Goodness gracious, great balls of fire..." (photo by MyName)

Cottony clouds over Kansas City... (photo by Jester)

Concorde ready to roll... (photo by Jester)

The West starts to take shape... (photo by MD-Terp)

A dart thrown into the midwest sky... (photo by Jester)

The East springs to life as well... (photo by MD-Terp)

Mad Dog jumps off of the Pittsburgh pavement... (photo by hovkid)

"Non-American" Airlines... (photo by hovkid)

Cruising over the mist... (photo by hovkid)

Blips starting to converge... (photo by MD-Terp)

The 777 makes a broad left... (photo by ChocBoy)

The iron starts to come back to Earth... (photo by redneck)

Outsider sneaks a peek... (photo by Nafis)

The gathering grows... (photo by MyName)

Mad Dog over the threshold... (photo by redneck)

Boeing starts to make her way down... (photo by ChocBoy)

Douglas does the same... (photo by hovkid)

Taking the river approach... (photo by hovkid)

Flight of the Concorde... (photo by redneck)

Darting down the Salt Lake runway... (photo by Jester)

Send a bill to British Airways for all of the advertising... (photo by Jester)

A dart and a dog... (photo by Jester)

Wing-tip to wing-tip... (photo by ChocBoy)

The huddle breaks... (photo by Jester)

Time to put the nose to the grindstone... (photo by Jester)

"The first transport is away!"... (photo by Jester)

Control center sees the same... (photo by redneck)

Line 'em up and move 'em out... (photo by MyName)

Watching the MD piloted by MD... (photo by Jester)

"On your mark..." (photo by Jester)

"Get set..." (photo by MyName)

"Go!..." (photo by MyName)

... and so he does. (photo by redneck)

"Ubuntu take off now?..." (photo by redneck)

Point that nose skyward... (photo by Jester)

Cruising home... (photo by MyName)

Concorde goes wheels-up... (photo by Jester)

Boeing unexpectedly filling Concorde's windscreen... (photo by Jester)

A close call in the Salt Lake skies... (photo by Jester)

Clearing the caps... (photo by Jester)

The dots start to spread out again... (photo by MD-Terp)

Ducking under the deck... (photo by Jester)

Reaching out for the ground again... (photo by Jester)

All that pesky navigation appears to have paid off... (photo by Jester)

Rolling to a stop... (photo by Jester)

End of a long day... (photo by MyName)

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