TransGear Airways #7 -- Saturday, February 13th, 2010
last updated Friday, February 26th, 2010 @ 23:35 UTC

Flight Schedule -- "Casual" Divison

TransGear USA East Hub: Baltimore, MD (KBWI)
Approach / Departure (119.7): Jomo
Tower / Ground (119.4): MD-Terp
Flight# Route Times Equipment Pilot
184 KMCI-KBWI, KBWI-KMCI 1305-1515, 1545-1755 777-200ER
(with Qantas livery)
150 KATL-KBWI, KBWI-KATL 1350-1515, 1545-1710 787 MrWizard
135 KDTW-KBWI, KBWI-KDTW 1415-1515, 1545-1645 777-200ER statto
131 KCLT-KBWI, KBWI-KCLT 1420-1515, 1545-1640 TU-154B Tuxklok
122 KRDU-KBWI, KBWI-KRDU 1430-1515, 1545-1630 777-200ER ChocBoy
118 KPIT-KBWI, KBWI-KPIT 1435-1515, 1545-1625 Lockheed1049H Yakko
115 KJFK-KBWI, KBWI-KJFK 1440-1515, 1545-1620 CRJ-200 hovkid
109 KACY-KBWI, KBWI-KACY 1445-1515, 1545-1615 B1900D stuart

Flight Schedule -- "Procedural" Divison

TransGear USA West Hub: Salt Lake City, UT (KSLC)
Approach / Departure (124.3): SP-CEZ
Tower / Ground (118.3): Farmboy
Flight# Route Times Equipment Pilot
294 KAUS-KSLC, KSLC-KAUS 1215-1515, 1545-1845 Concorde Jester
279 KMCI-KSLC, KSLC-KMCI 1255-1515, 1545-1805 777-200ER
(with Ubuntu livery)
259 KSEA-KSLC, KSLC-KSEA 1315-1515, 1545-1745 777-200ER Liam
251 KLAX-KSLC, KSLC-KLAX 1320-1515, 1545-1740 787 redneck
244 KPHX-KSLC, KSLC-KPHX 1345-1515, 1545-1715 777-200ER zakalawe
233 KDEN-KSLC, KSLC-KDEN (part 1)(part2) 1405-1515, 1545-1655 777-200ER
(with Qantas livery)

Videos / Screenshots

Redneck once again did not let us down -- his always-entertaining videos of his event experiences continue with TransGear 7. Here are part one and part two of his videos for this event. Also, check out this video that Farmboy shot of Jester's landing in the Concorde at Salt Lake City.

The Kansas City sunrise... (photo by MyName)

The first handful of flights take to the air... (photo by MD-Terp)

A misty Texas morning... (photo by Jester)

"Has anyone seen a runway around here?"... (photo by Jester)

"I guess this highway will have to do..." (photo by Jester)

Multiple targets inbound... (photo by MD-Terp)

The first one comes into range... (photo by MD-Terp)

The CRJ leaves JFK... (photo by hovkid)

Climbing out over Long Island... (photo by hovkid)

Incoming!... (photo by MD-Terp)

"Over the river and throu... I mean, over, the woods, also..." (photo by hovkid)

Passing over Wilmington... (photo by hovkid)

A bit of a cluster, here, until... (photo by MD-Terp)

... Approach gets them in line... (photo by MD-Terp)

The Beechcraft touches down... (photo by MD-Terp)

A 777 dives for the deck... (photo by MD-Terp)

The CRJ arrives... (photo by MD-Terp)

A snowy morning in Baltimore... (photo by hovkid)

The first pair arrives in Salt Lake... (photo by MyName)

Another Beech checks in... (photo by MD-Terp)

The Qantas 777 says "G'Day, mates"... (photo by MD-Terp)

The BA 777 gets stuck in the mud... (photo by MD-Terp)

The gang's all here... almost... (photo by MyName)

The Concorde ends its long journey... (photo by Jester)

Safe and sound, on the ground... (photo by Jester)

Some familiar friends at your 2 o'clock... (photo by Jester)

Ironically, the Concorde arrives late to the party... (photo by MyName)

The Air India 787 taxis in and Connie arrives behind him... (photo by MD-Terp)

D-79 opts for the right... (photo by MD-Terp)

What a cute leetle Beech... (photo by hovkid)

"Okay, everyone, say 'cheese'!"... (photo by Tuxklok)

Reverse angle... (photo by Tuxklok)

"Wait, wait, one more..." (photo by Tuxklok)

"Okay, gang, last one..." (photo by hovkid)

Qantas pushes back... (photo by hovkid)

Delta leads the way... (photo by Tuxklok)

Three more join the parade... (photo by hovkid)

Delta starts to rotate... (photo by Tuxklok)

... and takes to the sky... (photo by Tuxklok)

Patiently waiting their turns... (photo by Tuxklok)

Alpha-stage aircraft to the back of the line please... (photo by Tuxklok)

After you, Connie... (photo by hovkid)

Connie takes her leave... (photo by Tuxklok)

"See you next month!"... (photo by hovkid)

MD-81 goes home to get fitted with some more cockpit instruments... (photo by Tuxklok)

The party in the West breaks up... (photo by Jester)

Following the Concorde's lead... (photo by MyName)

Headed to the runway while a 777 rotates in the background... (photo by Jester)

Concorde's turn... (photo by Jester)

Concorde's turn, more literally... (photo by Jester)

"Ubuntu go home now?"... (photo by MyName)

The Apple Express cruises home... (photo by hovkid)

Making their way back to end at the beginning... (photo by MD-Terp)

Another long but productive day concluded... (photo by MyName)

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