TransGear Airways #6 -- Saturday, January 9th, 2010
last updated Saturday, January 16th, 2010 @ 05:55 UTC

Flight Schedule -- "Casual" Divison

TransGear USA East Hub: Baltimore, MD (KBWI)
Approach / Departure (119.0): MD-Terp
Tower / Ground (119.4): Farmboy
Flight# Route Times Equipment Pilot
184 KMCI-KBWI, KBWI-KMCI 1305-1515, 1545-1755 CitationX Zexe
154 KORD-KBWI, KBWI-KORD(p1)(p2) 1345-1515, 1545-1715 777-200ER yourgod
150 KATL-KBWI(p1)(p2), KBWI-KATL(p1)(p2)(p3)(p4)(p5) 1350-1515, 1545-1710 TU154B Andreas
135 KDTW-KBWI, KBWI-KDTW 1415-1515, 1545-1645 777-200ER ChocBoy
131 KCLT-KBWI(p1)(p2), KBWI-KCLT 1420-1515, 1545-1640 737-400 MrWizard
122 KRDU-KBWI, KBWI-KRDU 1430-1515, 1545-1630 Lockheed1049H Yakko
118 KPIT-KBWI(p1)(p2), KBWI-KPIT 1435-1515, 1545-1625 CRJ-200 hovkid

Flight Schedule -- "Procedural" Divison

TransGear USA West Hub: Salt Lake City, UT (KSLC)
Approach / Departure / Tower / Ground (118.3): jomo
Flight# Route Times Equipment Pilot
279 KMCI-KSLC, KSLC-KMCI 1305-1515, 1545-1755 Concorde Jester

Videos / Screenshots

Redneck, back from his break from making event videos, was unfortunately out of commission when it comes to flying, due to an equipment issue. But he did pop into the "virtual tower cab" with me to make a two-part video of the event from the ATC perspective. Enjoy!... (part 1) (part 2)

Pre-dawn in Baltimore... (photo by Jester)

Rolling out of KBWI for the ferry-flight to Kansas City... (photo by Jester)

The lights of KMCI come into view... (photo by Jester)

The sun peeks over the Missouri horizon... (photo by Jester)

Potomac Approach gets set up (a rare peek behind the scenes!)... (photo by MD-Terp)

The first four are up... (photo by MD-Terp)

Oh!... make that five... (photo by MD-Terp)

TGA279 rolls westbound... (photo by Jester)

... and now six are up... (photo by MD-Terp)

... and seven!... (photo by MD-Terp)

The stormy skies over Pittsburgh... (photo by hovkid)

All seven East pilots accounted for... (photo by MD-Terp)

Is that a tornado in the background?... (photo by hovkid)

Climbing through the clouds... (photo by hovkid)

All seven inbound now... (photo by MD-Terp)

Arriving at cruise... (photo by hovkid)

The first customer checks in... (photo by MD-Terp)

... followed in short order by the second and third... (photo by MD-Terp)

The passengers' view of the snowy Maryland hills... (photo by hovkid)

TGA135 fades into view... (photo by MD-Terp)

Descending into Baltimore... (photo by hovkid)

"Salt Lake Tower, TGA279's on short final for 34R"... (photo by Jester)

The spindly undercarriage of the Concorde reaches for the Utah pavement... (photo by Jester)

... and finally reaches it. (photo by Jester)

TGA279 now arriving at the gate... (photo by Jester)

The wintry tributaries of the Chesapeake... (photo by hovkid)

It took a while, but I finally got 'em lined up... (photo by MD-Terp)

The first few finally make it to the gates in the East... (photo by hovkid)

Meanwhile, the West gets rolling on time... (photo by Jester)

Climbing out over the lake... (photo by Jester)

All made it in... wait, there's one missing!... (photo by yourgod)

Here he comes!... (photo by yourgod)

NOW the gang's all here... (photo by yourgod)

The same scene, as seen with snow... (photo by Yakko)

Ready?... Break!... (photo by hovkid)

Time to turn some wheels... (photo by yourgod)

Following Connie around the terminal... (photo by hovkid)

Still following Connie, across the runway... (photo by hovkid)

Still yet following Connie to the holding area... (photo by hovkid)

Thought you could escape me that easily, did ya, Connie?... (photo by hovkid)

Connie begins her roll... (photo by hovkid)

Then the CRJ... (photo by hovkid)

Wheels up... (photo by hovkid)

Snowy KBWI says bye... (photo by hovkid)

Headed back home for the day... (photo by hovkid)

Turning onto final... (photo by Jester)

Drop the wheels... (photo by Jester)

"Anybody seen an airport around here?"... (photo by Jester)

Down we come... (photo by Jester)

"Ah! Knew it was there all along."... (photo by Jester)

The mains touch... (photo by Jester)

Parked at the end of a long day's work... (photo by Jester)

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