TransGear Airways #4 -- Saturday, November 14th, 2009
last updated Wednesday, November 18th, 2009 @ 18:15 UTC

Flight Schedule

TransGear USA East Hub: Baltimore, MD (KBWI)
Approach/Departure (119.0): D-79
Tower/Ground (119.4): wookierabbit
Flight# Route Times Equipment Pilot
184 KMCI-KBWI(p1)(p2), KBWI-KMCI 1305-1515, 1545-1755
(modified as needed to suit equipment)
Concorde Jester
154 KORD-KBWI(p1)(p2), KBWI-KORD 1345-1515, 1545-1715 CRJ-200 MD-Terp
150 KATL-KBWI, KBWI-KATL 1350-1515, 1545-1710 787 redneck
135 KDTW-KBWI(p1)(p2), KBWI-KDTW 1415-1515, 1545-1645 737-400 in LOT livery SP-CEZ
134 KMYR-KBWI, KBWI-KMYR 1415-1515, 1545-1645 777-200ER zakalawe
131 KCLT-KBWI, KBWI-KCLT 1420-1515, 1545-1640 TU154B Tuxklok
122 KRDU-KBWI, KBWI-KRDU 1430-1515, 1545-1630 CRJ-200 Hovkid
118 KPIT-KBWI, KBWI-KPIT 1435-1515, 1545-1625 Lockheed1049H Yakko
115 KJFK-KBWI(p1)(p2), KBWI-KJFK(p1)(p2)(p3) 1440-1515, 1545-1620 B1900D MyName
109 KACY-KBWI, KBWI-KACY 1450-1515, 1545-1610 B1900D Stuart

Videos / Screenshots

Redneck, who has now produced videos of all four TransGear events, has not let us down. Here is his footage from this event: part 1, part 2, and part 3. Thanks again Redneck!

Departing KRDU... (photo by Hovkid)

I'm counting nine of us aloft... (photo by MD-Terp)

CRJ-200 climbing to cruise... (photo by Hovkid)

The races through Pittsburgh and Richmond... (photo by MD-Terp)

Starting to line up... (photo by MD-Terp)

Concorde's on approach... (photo by Jester)

Concorde at B Pier... (photo by Jester)

Constellation on short final... (photo by Jester)

"Watch it, AI traffic. Real pilots, coming through." (photo by Jester)

On board TGA154, the first CRJ...(photo by Jester)

... and the second, TGA122... (photo by Jester)

The 734 makes a steep right turn... (photo by Jester)

The terminal view is a little surreal with that Bluebird just hanging there... (photo by Jester)

The gates start to get a bit crowded... (photo by Jester)

787 on short final... (photo by Jester)

The two Connies... (photo by Jester)

A bustling Saturday in Baltimore... (photo by Jester)

Say hello to the "virtual MyName"... (photo by Jester)

MyName's B1900D in the beautifully-rendered clouds... (photo by Jester)

The passengers' vantage on MyName's arrival... (photo by Jester)

Opting for 33R... (photo by Jester)

Parked at B Pier... (photo by Hovkid)

Concorde at the head of the table...(photo by Jester)

Lining for departure...(photo by Jester)

The first CRJ, TGA154, rotates... (photo by Jester)

... while the second, TGA122, lines for departure. (photo by Hovkid)

The 787 departs next... (photo by Jester)

... and then the Constellation... (photo by Jester)

... and the Tupolev. (photo by Jester)

Concorde starts to make his way... (photo by Jester)

TGA115 in his B1900D makes for the skies... (photo by Jester)

Holding short while the 737 takes the stage... (photo by Jester)

Lined up for departure... (photo by Jester)

Wheels up!... (photo by Jester)

Touchdown back at KRDU... (photo by Hovkid)

The crowd disperses... (photo by Hovkid)

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