Flight Crew's Checklist
last updated Saturday, March 13th, 2010 @ 19:00 UTC

What follows is a fairly comprehensive step-by-step checklist for performing a flight leg in TransGear Airways events. This list assumes you have already determined your desired fuel load and navigation method, as well as your flight route. This document is not to be confused with checklists pilots use for specific aircraft procedures, which are much more detailed and include proper settings for just about every dial and switch in the cockpit. Most aircraft in FlightGear are not modeled with enough detail and rigor to require use of such checklists, but regardless, this document is somewhat more broad in scope than that. The below is therefore a blend of aircraft procedure, airspace regulations, and airline-specific protocol, and should be considered a "guideline" to assist you in completing your flight rather than a rigorous list.

Congratulations! Once you've finished this step, you've completed probably the closest thing to a real-world airline flight that FlightGear can provide. Now, are you ready to do it again?